Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Please Tell Me Today Was Just a Bad Dream

It started off good, I got up early, the sun was shining. At 8:30 the phone rang half a ring. That's my cue to bring the puppies in. They like to chase cars down the driveway onto the road.
My mother-in-law said she would be doing that this morning.

Everything seems fine right? Wrong!

An hour later, my sister-in-law calls and says mother-in-law just text her that she's at the hospital. She drove herself.


Her cell phone is off, the hospital gives very limited information. UGH! Sit and wait.

Here comes the mailman, hopefully it's the books I ordered. Wrong!

Instead I get a letter saying it's time for a child support administrative hearing.


Not one, but, TWO letters for jury duty. One for myself and one for my husband.

Then the hospital calls and tells me I can come and pick up mother. She has been given meds and can't drive.

Thank God she's ok!

Thank God I get child support for my child, there are many children that don't get any support from their parent.

Thank God that I live in a country that has freedoms and the trial by jury system.

But, what a day!


Beth said...

What a great perspective! I will try to remember that next time I have a day like yours!=) I see your link list is going to keep me busy for a while! thanks for the heads up!
Beth @

Jennifer said...

Sorry you had a rough day, glad to hear your mom is OK though.