Monday, January 5, 2009

Homeschool Day 72 - Monday, January 5, 2008

Bible: We are on letter I this week. I is for Isaac. We started by watching the story of Abraham and Sarah conceiving Isaac on the Read N See DVD Bible. (reading) Then we did the song Father Abraham (music, movement, memorization, body awareness)What a way to start back to school. I'm already out of breath! Then I taught her new memory verse.

May my prayers be pleasing to you like incense. Psalm 141:2

Science: We discussed what incense is. I compared it to a candle or a pot of potpourri.

I is for ice. Yesterday we watched Stars on Ice on tv. She loves figure ice skating, too. Since we are having a beautiful and warm day here in NC Ohio, this didn't work as well as I had hoped, but they are calling for freezing rain tomorrow. We talked about ice. (science) We went outside to find the twigs needed for the project. (Another great way to start the day!) Shayla drew a snowman shape by tracing different sizes of lids. We talked about size comparison. (math, fine motor). Then she colored the cirlces in with a mixture of white glue/white paint. She sprinkled silver glitter on. Then we added a felt hat and scarf from scraps. She glued the twigs on for arms. (art)

Journal: Draw your favorite gift you received for Christmas. As most children, she was so excited about this that she couldn't limit it to just one item.

Activity: We read The Four Seasons. I divided her paper into 4 boxes. In each box she wrote a word that has something to do with winter. She chose snow, hats, snow angels and snowflakes. She wrote the word in each box then she had to draw a picture of each object.

Math: Addition. We used foam shapes as counters to review addition facts. She completed wkbk pg 184. We used counters and made story problems out of them. *Note: I was discouraged to see that she has forgotten how to draw most of her numbers over break. UGH! I also feel like the curriculum doesn't focus enough on memorization of facts. I think that is necessary to build on. I modeled facts(using a drawings of 2 chocolate chip cookies). 0+0 through 0+5=5. She quickly caught on when I began using the chocolate chip cookie models. LOL!

We then practiced our counting by 10's by counting the Box Tops for Education that we've been saving for a local public school. We counted up to $14.50. That's alot 10 cents at a time!

Phys Ed: I'm going to try to get back to doing this everyday. Today we were blessed by reasonable temperatures, so we went outside on the trampoline and swingset. I knew that jumping on the trampoline was therapeutic for her, but I actually read in three different places last week that the reason bouncing on a trampoline is good for special needs kids is because it helps to drain the lymph nodes of built up toxins. Interesting, huh?

Life Skills: Communications. We read Shrinking Violet by Cari Best. I liked the way this book was written from a shy person's perspective. I asked Shayla if she felt like just shrinking away when people talk to her. Obviously this was hard for her because she just shook her head. Shayla could also relate to the book because Violet itches and scratches when she becomes uncomfortable, much like Shayla. She also decides she is allergic to attention. Which sounds exactly like something Shayla would come up with. It also caught Shayla's attention when Violet said she didn't like to be watched, she never made waves in the pool or swallowing sounds at snack time. She liked to do the watching. This is sooo much Shayla! She notices all the little details. Long story short, Violet saves the day at the school play, gains the respect of peers, and overcomes her shyness.
We reinacted the story using Shayla's Barbies. Funny enough, Shayla was playing Violet and she couldn't remember to be quiet until the end of the story. LOL! After the show, Violet the Barbie asked Shayla some questions. Do you like being shy? Would you like to come out of your shell like I did? It doesn't hurt, I promise, I did it, it's easy! Violet, the Barbie, then asked Shayla if she could take baby steps. Maybe this week she could whisper to her mom when they were out somewhere. Shayla didn't think she could. Violet said that Shayla could take her everywhere and she would help her whisper her words.
Does anyone have any other suggestions for overcoming shyness, social or general anxiety? I'm ready to try almost anything at this point!

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