Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Book Review - Allergy Books

I recently had time to read several books. The first is The Complete Manual of Natural Allergy Control by Dr. David Williams.

This was one of the first books I read about naturally curing allergies and healthy living. In the past I thought there was a lot of wisdom in it. After re-reading it, I realized there are only several points that I need to address.
  • Eat the heavier portion of your meals first, followed by veggies/salads. This allows your body's enzymes to have an easier time of digesting.
  • The inability to digest calcium and other minerals can be a sign of low hydrochloric acid and enzyme production.
  • Building up the adrenals could help with anxiety issues, as well as eczema. Skin conditions stem from a malfunctioning intestional tract, kidney or liver dysfunction, a clogged lymphatic system, weak adrenals, or unbalanced thyroid.

The second book is Natural Remedies for Allergies Safe Self-Help Measures for Treating a Wide Range of Modern Allergies by Paul Morgan.

This book is for people beginning their journey into learning about health. It mostly defines the different types of allergies and different methods for treating.

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