Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Goals

Happy New Year, everyone!

I've been pondering over what resolutions to make. I've already shared the resolutions that I've made for my youngest daughter (to feel more comfortable in social settings - overcoming shyness and more learning through play).

My personal goals are:


  1. To stay out of debt. We became debt free last year (except our mortgage). It couldn't have come at a better time!

  2. To pay down our mortgage.

  3. Start saving for a new car. I guess I'm going to have to face it, hubby's car isn't going to last forever, it's 11 years old. And dd #2 is going to be 15 in a few days. (Where did the time go?)She'll be driving soon.

  4. I think our family will try the "no spend" thing for the months of January, February, March, and maybe part of April.

  5. I will still be CVSing because I have almost a hundred dollars of ecbs to roll around.

  6. I started coupon shopping about a year and a half ago. I still will, but I'm going to try to cut back to doing it every other week, instead of every week. We have built up a large stockpile in that amount of time. I'm going to need some help from family here because I have truly become addicted to getting cheap & free stuff! Honestly I'm thinking of cutting it out all together because of the health implications of using the normal brands of products.

  7. Although our family has a budget, we need to sit down and plan for 2009. I would like to tighten it up in the food & miscellaneous budget to start doing goals 1 & 2.

Personal & Family

  1. I am a very list oriented person. I love the gratification of crossing something off the to-do list. My hubby thinks I'm crazy to take the time to do this. He could get several things done in the time it takes me to write down my goals. I'm not going to quit this (because I seriously suffer from the Can't Remember Anything Syndrome!), but I'm not going to follow a list so much. I'm going to allow for more spontaneous time.

2. Building relationships with family and friends. Sometimes it's too easy to be too BUSY (btw, a cute acronym for busy is being under Satan's yolk). I am going to take the time to slow down and listen to my children and play on their levels. BTW, I'm set for a day of baking cookies, practicing hairstyles with miss teen, and having a mommy makeover done by Shayla. Oh my!

3. I hope to work on my parenting this year. Being consistent with discipline and rewards - this is a hard one. Continue work of making Morgan and Shayla to be friends. I hope to someday train myself out of a job.

4. I hope to find the time, patience, and energy to help my daughters learn to run a household. We're going to be re-evaluating the chore schedules.


1. Tame my tongue. This is hard for me, maybe I need to have more social anxiety. *Smiles* My girls "pick-up" more than I realized.

2. Allowing my husband to be the "supervisor" at home. I struggle so much with this. I usually flop on this one the first day. But hey, it's a new year, I can try.

Home & Organization

1. I hope to eliminate stuff. This is also difficult for me. When I do finally get sick of it and try to take it to Goodwill, my husband usually says, why are we getting rid of that? Then it gets put back and never surfaces again until I go on a "stuff-hunt" again. I also hope to enlist the help of my girls. Allowing them the chance to make $$$ by selling their stuff at yard sales,, ebay, consignment shop, etc. or exchanging things through online swap programs.

2. I want to learn to simplify. Pray over what needs done. Learning to let-go of the perfectionist sydrome. Stress less and live, laugh, and love more.

3. I am going to definately try to follow through with this one. Picking a mess up immediately instead of putting it off. I estimate spending an hour a day picking up and putting away!


1. Hubby and Morgan have decided to try to eat better. More like Shayla and I do. Yay! Hopefully this will last!

2. I have also ordered our garden seeds and supplies. We are planning on expanding our 1/2 acre garden! This means cheap, organic food! I guess this falls under finances, too.

So what's your goals? Do you make goals/resolutions? How long do you actually do the goals?


Amy@GrowingLikeTrees said...

I usually go overboard with goals, then get really frustrated when something beyond my control keeps them from being met. So this year, I just made two sortof nebulous resolutions:

1) Grow my compassion. I had to stop reading Voice of the Martyrs when I had kids because I couldn't handle the information. I want to start reading it again, and let it break my heart and change my prayers.

2) I want to get some sort of morning routine in place. This'll be a progressive change, but right now I lay in bed until DH has breakfast ready, then stumble out. Before kids, I was a morning person, I want to start getting up again and enjoying the morning a bit (ideally that will also include walking and reading the Word in the morning).

Jennifer said...

You have some big plans too! We are also saving for a new car. We just had to replace dh's 12 year old car last year and mine feels like it is on it's last leg, even though it is just 8 years old. We have had so much trouble with it, that I am paranoid. So we are going to save aggresively just to be prepared, but really hope it makes it 2 more years. good luck with your goals, you can do it!

Calina said...

Glad I'm not the only one who hopes to make changes throughout the year!

Day one is done and so far so good. *Smiles*