Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More Praises!

Shayla had to make her bi-annual trip to the environmental allergist that we have been seeing since she was 2 years old. It's always a hectic day because he's located about 2 hours away from us (in good weather).

He is more than pleased with her progress. At this time, she is no longer on any meds. I quit giving her the enzyme therapy, the antifungal, the antihistamines. She doesn't even rely on supplements. Her immune system is functioning at a healthy rate! Woo-hoo!

Dale asked if Shayla would ever be able to eat foods again. He was confident that she would. In fact, we have occasionally been reintroducing soy to her diet. In the form of a soy cheese pizza. I know, I know, soy is supposed to be bad, but milk is definately worse for her. And the things are so dreadfully expensive that we only indulge about once every 3 months or more.

What encouraging words to close 2008 for us!

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