Tuesday, December 9, 2008

When in Doubt - Check it out!!!

I'm soooo mad right now!!!! I bought case quantities of some juice at Walmart for 50 cents a bottle!!!! Not single serving sizes, either. The 46 oz. bottles of Apple & Eve 100% fruit and vegetable juice blend. What a deal!?! Right?

I drank the orange flavor with no problem, but then I drank the Strawberry Mango. I started bleeding just like I do when I ingest corn - specifically cornstarch. I kept drinking the juice because I read the label and I am very aware of ingredients and there was absolutely no corn in it. Right? Wrong!!

After a week of bleeding and IBS cramping, I figured out that it must be the juice. I called the company. I will say that I was truly impressed that a representative actually called me back the same day I left a message. She informed me that there was in fact lactic acid in it and that it is a corn derivative. Wait a minute, lactic acid isn't even on the ingredient label at all! So much for the government's truth in labeling law!

So, technically it is still a good buy. Just not good for me and Shayla. The rest of the family is enjoying it. UGH!!!

BTW, I am thinking of doing several posts about food allergies. Mainly the different names for many trigger foods, as well as underlying health problems that could actually be caused by food allergies. If you're interested in seeing posts like this, let me know.


Jennifer said...

I would be interested in posts like that. Sorry you are so sick! There are always hidden things in foods, which we find out periodically with our dd.

HDMac said...

That is a really scary experience!!!! Allergies are not funny!!!