Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Still another interruption. . .

The ice storm came and went. I don't think we got hit too badly, although Morgan did not have school. Thankfully we did not loose power. I think it has to do with preparing. You know, Murphy's law or something like that. The more prepared we are, the less likely the power goes out.

Anyway, I have many reasons to be thankful for power TODAY, (even more than most days!) Shayla woke up this morning with vomiting. It has progressed to both ends.

I'm working on my fourth load of laundry already today!

So. . . I'll probably be scarce around here again today and tomorrow.

Oh, but then my husband is going to be home for 17 days and my kids are coming in for Christmas. I'll try to sneak some blog time in, but can't guarantee.

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