Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quitting Time

Establish a quit time and stick to it!

In this busy season of our lives, I have a common-sense "what works for me." I guess I lack common-sense, because my husband had to point it out to me!

There is just soooo much to do. Cards to make out and send, gifts to purchase or make and wrap, trees to trim, houses to decorate. The list goes on and on. And on top of these extra demands for our time is the normal. You know, having a healthy meal on the table several times a day, homeschooling, normal grocery shopping. And the ever important, laundry. You don't even want to see what happens when you can't work that into your already busy day!

I have been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off lately. I was still cleaning house at 9:30 pm. It was affecting my attitude and my health. I was yelling about everything that everyone left behind.

My husband gently reminded me that he has a start time and end time to his day at work and that I needed to establish one as well. He thought that after dinner was reasonable. The kids could do the kitchen clean-up and I'd be off the hook. This obviously wouldn't work because we eat dinner at 5pm. Many nights Morgan is not even home because of school activities. So we agreed on 7pm.

Now when 7pm rolls around, that doesn't necessarily mean I'm no longer a mommy. In fact, that's when I quit being a teacher, housekeeper, personal chef, etc. I take the time to watch a show or color a page for fun. I've also been working on home-made Christmas gifts at this time. (More about that later!)

What has changed? Well, every room in the house may not be swept and mopped everyday. There may be some extra clutter that I don't get to. My computer time has had to be slashed dramatically. But the good news is it works for me! I feel happier and so does everyone in the house. You know the old saying "When Momma Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy!!!"

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Amy@GrowingLikeTrees said...

Yes! A terrific idea. I need to do this too. I've started lately trying to adhere to a bedtime for myself. I get carried away in my own projects after the kids are down, and end up staying up too late. I don't always make it, but it is a nice idea :)