Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Homeschool Days 66 & 67 - Wednesday - Friday Dec 10-12, 2008

Weds. Dec 10:

Specials: Christmas. We read aloud many Christmas themed books. Shayla also made her own Brown Reindeer, Brown Reindeer book. It is in the same style as Eric Carle's, Brown Bear, Brown Bear book. (art, reading, fine motor, cutting, gluing, sensory). Again we used different materials to make it special, like felt, sequins, glitter, round stickers, and star shaped stickers.

We sang Raffi's "Must Be Santa" song (another favorite Christmas thing).

Reading: Abeka 1 Lesson.

*This was a major schoolwork day, but I failed to log it!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Specials: Christmas. We continued reading stories and our advent chain. Shayla colored a picture for the color contest at our church. (More on that later!)

Language: She completed a page about nouns.

Social Studies: The curriculum suggested playing in a play kitchen area to see how the child views mealtime and family. This is one of her favorite things to do anyway.

Dad was her substitute teacher for most of the day. I had to have more dental work done. So her work did not get logged on, again.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Reading: We spent time just reading library books aloud.

Social skills: We started attending our troop's Brownie scout meetings again. We talked about good behaviors and bad behaviors before we went. She is the one that wants to do this this time. It went as well as, or better than expected. She refused to help make the paper ornaments the troop was working on for nursing home residents.

Social skills: We also attended a Christmas program at a different church. It was awesome! We went from room to room and viewing different scenes of the Christmas story. The people were all in original dress, the props were great. The gentleman playing King Herod was a great actor! After our tour, we stepped into the streets of Bethlehem. They gave us a bag of gold coins and we went from merchant to merchant buying their wares and learning about the time period. There were booths of food that was of that time period, jewelry, make your own potpourri bags, people making bricks, the potter, and after all that, you followed the star to the back of the building and there was Mary with Baby Jesus and all the barn animals. Yes, they had real animals and straw in the church!

She enjoyed it and I hope to return again next year. We also were able to go to the local fairgrounds and catch the Christmas light show. We have done that every year since we've been married. Yes, they had electricity back then!

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