Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Homeschool Day 54 - Tues. November 18, 2008

Social Studies/Specials: We watched Mouse on the Mayflower. I had to share this with her because we watched it every year back in the old days (when I was in school). Although I remember the whole school gathering in the gym and watching it on a projector screen. We even got to talk while they changed the movie reels. OH the good ole’ days! LOL! We read half of If You Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620. (BTW, she sat still and was still listening after an hour of reading this book!) This also was also the idea behind her journal entry today.

Journal: What would you have taken if you sailed on the Mayflower. Shayla kept it simple (or she was just being lazy). She understood when the book said the pilgrims left their toys behind. She drew a picture of a doll.

Activity: (art & journal)Shayla drew a picture of the Mayflower sailing across the ocean.

Scouts-at-Home: Caring & Sharing. What if? We used stuffed dolls to act out the following scenarios

-Your best friend is crying. How would you show you care?
-One of the girls has a birthday.
-Your mother has something important to do and can’t play with you.
-A neighbor falls and breaks a leg.
-Your friend is afraid of failing a test.
-A classmate forgot his lunch.

We also made several of our own scenarios. Shayla really enjoyed acting these out and actively participated in dialog between characters. Woo-hoo! (Social studies, communications – social skills, character)

Writing: Today we practiced making h’s in shaving cream! Now this is not for the faint of heart because it can get messy, but she made some great h’s and afterwards, I allow her to play in the mess for awhile. Of course I have to put my hands in it, too! Then she sat down and traced her dotted name, H, h, and words hen, her, and heat.

Specials: (Social Studies/music) We sang Thanksgiving songs from Holiday Piggyback Songs book.

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Amy@GrowingLikeTrees said...

I love that you're cataloging your homeschooling on your blog -- what a great idea! I'm looking through your posts for ideas for next year, when my oldest will be in first grade!