Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My second Cinderella - Homecoming Pics

It hardly seems like it could be, but our middle daughter is now in high school and going to grown up things

Where did the years go?

Here's a shot of us, morgan and shay.

Morgan and her date. Neither of them drive yet, so the whole date was in a group setting and chaperoned by another parent. So I could breathe a little easier there.
After homecoming, she said simply that she had an amazing time!

BTW, to all my frugal friends, my daughter purchased this dress at Kohls last year after Christmas with a gift card she got she paid less than $15 for it! She has not worn it before now. I was so proud of her thinking ahead and using her own $$. Now if she could just quit wasting things I pay for, like electric, shampoo, and the list goes on...and on...and on.


Calina said...

ok, so this is the "middle daughter" hacking into mom's site....I just wanna let EVERYONE know that I don't waste as much as she the conditioner...I have THICK hair, and she has THIN hair, so she thinks that I need the same as her...if I did that, do you think I could get a brush through my hair 20 mins after I take a shower? Certainly NOT! And she has us cut the conditioner bottle in half and scrape it out with our hands...not a problem, until she yells at me for STILL wasting, when I have to use WATER to get some of it out!! There's nothing LEFT in the bottle and she's still yelling!!! You guys are bad influences!!! Thanks A Lot! lol...but yeah, I still love her..(as much as she gets on my nerves, but hey, every parent gets on their teenager's nerves, right?)
but anyways...just wanted to make things right and to let you all know that I'm not all that she cracks me up to be!
(= ♥Morgan Leigh♥™=)

Julie said...

She is a lovely girl.. a bit spirited as well it seems. :)

Calina said...

Spirited!?! Yes, that's a nice way of putting it! Lol!