Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Homeschool Day 23 - Mon. Oct. 6, 2008

Art: Shayla cut out a pumpkin shape.

Music & movement: We sang and put motions to pumpkin songs at preschool express.

Math: We reviewed patterns today. I read I See Patterns aloud (reading) Shayla is starting to say words with me from these simple books. I did combinations of snapping and clapping. Shayla would do the next sound in the pattern. Then I let her make up a pattern and I completed the next sound. We played patterns with these colored plastic shapes. If you don’t have these, you could make them with construction paper, or use buttons, silverware, just about anything could be used to teach patterning.
Of course she had to have playtime to make silly sandwiches!

*Note: Yes, sometimes we do homeschool in our pajamas. Hey, it's the benefits of homeschooling!

We played Arthur’s Number Match Card Game. It was similar to the Pooh game, in that she found the number, then the equal number of dots, then the word that spells the number.

After we finished putting them by number, we turned the cards over and there were 3 piece color puzzles with Arthur and the gang on them. We had fun solving these.

Shayla then completed a page tracing numbers 1-5, counting and circling correct number of objects.

Then we played another game, (I made this one). It’s cookie memory. One card has (5 five), find the matching card with five dots on it. I won with 6 matches. She was starting to get upset about this, but I told her to give me high fives and we both cleaned up the game.

I wrote a number and ten color words on a paper. Shayla traced each word with the correct color of marker and drew the correct number of circles.

Reading: Shayla is now reading Book 3 Series 1 of the Bob books. I kind of think she is just memorizing them, so I plan to cover up the words and see if she has just committed it to memory or if she is actually reading.

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