Monday, September 1, 2008

Window Writing

What! Am I crazy letting my kids draw on the window! No! I told you I was desperate for my child to strengthen her hand muscles for fine motor skills.
We change decorations for every season. We usually have different window clings and other things. When we change decorations, we clean the windows. So since later today we will be decorating with apples and such for fall and the first day of school, I decided to let Shayla have a little window art.

Crayola makes a window marker especially for this. They are very easy to clean up. But we could not find ours today. So we used dry erase markers. They clean up just as well.
I think we will do this again when practicing our writing or spelling. It motivates her much more to do things in a fun and unusual way.


Mrs. Amy Brigham said...

What fun! I recently bought the window markers for Peapod's "rainy day box" and we've been having a blast with them. It's such a thrill to do something "bad" like draw on the windows. :P

Calina said...

It does seem kind of "naughty" doesn't it! LOL!