Monday, September 1, 2008

I Spent $100 at a Yard Sale - Updated

To all my frugal friends out there, let me just say, I blew it. I splurged. I bought alot. Will we use it? Yes, yes, and yes. In fact we've already used alot of it! The way I look at it is like this when I homeschooled Morgan, I spent in excess of several hundred dollars a year on curriculum, in fact, one year we bought Abeka new and spent around $500. It also cost me over $300 so far to send Morgan to high school this year. With school clothes, cheer fees, band fees, etc. etc. etc. I didn't have to spend anything on Shayla's clothes and minimum on her curriculum, so I bought learning things at this preschool closing sale.

I bought these movies. This huge pile of books, including many books from the reading series that Morgan learned to read with and the let's read and find out about science series. Which I love using! I bought shaped sponges to paint with bristle blocks and these other blocks that she played with at library preschool. She loves them!

These are stencils to trace objects and words. They will also be good for my scrapbooking hobby, I mean obsession. We also found these stacking bears. They are alot of fun. I got a whole pile of puzzles, games and puzzles. Some of these we'll play with for awhile, then give as gifts to younger cousins or sell on ebay. She really likes the octopus tossing game, baby dolls and the parachute (not pictured).

My only regret is the whole family went with me because we were combining errands. You can bet I would have stashed some of this loot for Christmas and next birthday had she not seen EVERYTHING!

What kind of toys or games do you use to make homeschooling fun?

After checking August receipts and figures I had money for this. I had allotted our family $800/month for gasoline, groceries and miscellaneous. I came in at $532 before this. I was also able to finance a family trip to the fair and a family trip to a varsity football game. All under budget! Yay!

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Mandi said...

Wow! I think you SCORED big! None of that looks "yard sale used", if you know what I mean, and it sounds like it was all well thought out!

Thanks for your comment on my product question over at
I had to laugh at your Angel Food suggestion, only because I just participated for the first time in August, and I was so excited about the produce box but ended up not being impressed with it at all (but I loved the rest of my boxes – I think I'm just a produce snob!). I was really bummed!