Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Marketing Ploy Worked....

My husband's employees know that he is a sucker for animals. We have found that animals have really been therapeutic for our daughter, Shayla. That's why we had 3 dogs, 5 chickens, a goat, a guinea pig and a recently orphaned cat. (BTW, I wonder if one of his co-workers dropped this cat off at our house?!?)
So, when my husband came home from work last week, he had a color picture of some pomeranian puppies that a co-worker had. I said, "Absolutely not, what are you thinking? We're down sizing, remember. It costs to feed these critters!" He came back to his senses for a brief time.
Shayla, however, picked up on the photo this week. She has been trying to play with our 13 yr old housedog. She doesn't like to move . . . so she doesn't play much! Shayla carried the photo with her everywhere. She never once asked for a puppy because we had discussed it in the past and she knew I wasn't going to budge on this issue. Yesterday, she kept taking dog toys to our old dog. I felt so bad. I began to soften.
When my husband called home, I asked if his co-worker still had puppies. I was praying the answer would be "no."
Long story short, the answer wasn't no . . .
This is our new critter, Jaden.
Here she is sleeping like a baby in Shayla's doll stroller.

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