Thursday, September 25, 2008

Homeschool Day 16 - Thursday, Sept 25, 2008

I kept lessons brief today. Shayla was definately distracted. You'll see why in the next post.

Grammar & Writing: Shayla completed a page in ARFH-K. She made o and l. We discussed patterns while making these (math). The lesson in the book was too difficult, so we practiced forming lowercase alphabet letters using playdough. Shayla then traced over the letters with her finger. This is one of the things that I read about being good for helping dyslexics.

Spelling: I introduced beginning letter sounds w, j, k and v. Shayla named many words beginning with these letters. She completed pg. 329 Beginning Letter Sounds IV. Then she traced and formed these letters for handwriting.
Science: We noted that 3 of our 5 pinto bean seeds have begun to sprout.
We also did days of the week/weather charts, phys ed, journal and music & movement.

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