Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Homeschool - Day 5 - Mon. Sept 8, 2008

Social Studies/writing: Shayla finished her Me Book.

Science: Theme: Living Things. Shayla named some things that are living and explaned how she could tell they were living(lang.)We went outside and discussed other things that were living vs. non-living (science) We read Is It Alive? (reading). Shayla completed page 410 Living or Non-Living.

Activity: Our curriculum has an activity for each day. On this day, she drew a vertical and horizontal line to make 4 boxes on a page. We counted the boxes, then I gave her directions like, draw 6 squares in the top left box. This was good, because lately she has been getting her left and right mixed alot.

Math: Used counting chart to practice counting to 100. Read I can skip count. Then we used chart to practice skip counting again. It seemed to make more sense to her after reading the little book.

Phys. Ed: I included an extended time on the trampoline because she really seemed to need to get her bouncies out today!

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