Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Homeschool - Day 2 - Thurs. Sept 4, 2008

This was a battle of the wills morning. I thought we would start by playing one of the memory matching games that I just bought. Shayla had an interest in the little plastic Turtle Recall game because it had been sitting on my table all night.

Anyway, we battled for nearly 45 minutes. She wanted to play it, but she wanted to play it her way! I'm not being unreasonable here, I allowed her to play it her way, and even played her way with her, I was trying to teach her about sharing and how to play the game the right way.

Was the battle worth it? Yes, Shayla is sometimes a very strong-willed child. She was finally able to play the game the right way. And get this, she had a great time doing it! In fact she won again, with more matches than me.

After this battle of wills, Shayla returned to her peaceful self.

We watched a video for social studies called All About Me. It talked about feelings and facial cues, your senses and what makes each person different.

We read God Made Our Bodies by Heno Head, Jr. I love these books. It is written from a Creationism perspective.

Shayla then started on her, My "ME" Book. We did about half of it together. It was quickly frustrating her because she has forgotten how to form some letters. It was also the first time she was using lined paper. Guess I'll have to do alot more review in handwriting.

Art: We decorated Shayla's school area. Right now she tends to sit at her little desk, but we'll see how long that lasts. In the past, she tends to follow me around room-to-room. Anyway, we colored and cut out "classmates" for her school.

We then took a field trip to do some errands. I consider this school sometimes because Shayla is behind in her social skills. I try to model positive communication skills with people I come in contact with and later Shayla and I discuss these communications. With each trip, I encourage something different to "bring her out of her shell" a little bit.

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