Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Homeschool Day 19 - Tues. Sept 30, 2008

Writing: The curriculum suggested practicing capital alphabet letters. Rather do this on paper, I got out Shay's Leap Pad. Tad's Writing Fair game models the correct way to make capital letters. Shayla was bothered by either the pen or the sounds the game made. She chose to complete her letters J-Z on the lined dry erase board. First, I drew the letters modeling the correct way of drawing, making sure to discuss starting/stopping points and in relation to middle line, etc. She traced in a different color dry erase marker. Then I asked her to draw one beside, giving verbal directions. She was unable to do this, so I drew dots on the starting/stopping letter points. She was very successful at this!

Read along out loud, I Can Write book (reading).

Completed ARFH-K pg 10 - tracing straight and slanted lines. Pgs. 15 & 16 - tracing o's and making o's with just a start dot. (She was unable to do this independently, so I drew dotted lines for half of an o and she completed the other half.) She traced the word octopus and colored a picture of one.

Used pipecleaners to form letters of the alphabet.

Spelling: Introduced consonants l, q, y, and z. I named several words that begin with these letters, Shayla got them all correct, so I didn't see any need to review. She completed pg 330.
Music & Movement: First we listened to some of Shayla's favorite music here. Then, we had a pots and pans jamboree. Playing pots and pans was one of Shayla's favorite activities when she was younger, but I thought it would be a fun time to talk about musical terms like beat and such. You can see what she thought of this activity!
We were really feeling wild, so we got out our tote of musical instruments. Some were bought over the years, but we have just as much fun with our homemade ones in here, too. Like our shakers and spoons.

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