Monday, September 29, 2008

Homeschool Day 18 - Monday, Sept 29, 2008

Shayla had the sillies today!!!

Activity: Shayla drew horizontal & vertical lines to make 4 squares. She followed directions in identifying boxes (find top left box). She traced number word, number, color word and object word, then drew objects.

Math: Introduced number words. We played Pooh's Number Match game. Shayla found number card (1-10), the card with correct number of honeypots, then the card with the number word on it. She placed the correct number of shapes on the number cards. Then we turned the game over and solved the 3 pc. number word puzzles on back. Completed pg. 174 - Take an Animal Count.

Reading: The curriculum suggests making an alphabet book. Shayla did this last year. She needs to move on. Today we just read aloud. I read a pile of her books aloud. We discussed pictures. I ran my finger under the words sometimes. I asked her what does this word begin with. She always got it right. Then she read aloud to me. She read Buttons, Buttons and Bob Books Set 1: Numbers 1 & 2. This was the first time doing Sam - Bob book 2. She did a wonderful job! She watched a video I picked up at the library sale, Sesame Street: Do the Alphabet. Tomorrow I plan on starting Abeka 1st grade phonics/reading.

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