Monday, September 8, 2008

D is for Daniel - Homeschooling Day 4 - Sun. Sept 7, 2008

Through the summer I started doing Bible lessons for Shayla. We didn't get to as many as I would have liked, but I hope to get started again.

As you can see, my approach to teaching Bible is the same as my homeschooling style. Hands-on!

I have to say, I was not able to come up with much on Daniel. That really surprised me because it is a wonderful story of faith!

First, we went here and found some Daniel printables. We do a color page and add it to her Bible scrapbook.

Next we watched Veggie Tales video, Daniel in the Lions' Den. She enjoys singing along. Ok, I do, too!

Then we watched the Read 'n' See Bible on DVD. I love this book. It has the book with a DVD of the Bible stories and on the DVD after the story is a song. She looks forward to the songs.

I found another song on the Singing Bible. This is another great reference, we utilize it all the time!

We also discussed how Daniel ate. How his food choices made him stronger and healthier than the others. We also discussed the bad character of jealousy.

Of course, after all the hard stuff, Shayla put on her lion costume and we acted out the story of Daniel in the Lions' den. Although, I'm not sure she gets the whole story. In her version she (the lion) wanted to eat me (Daniel)! Oh well, I think she's just being her silly self!

Do you have any other ideas for this or any other ways of making Bible hands-on fun?

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