Tuesday, August 5, 2008

On To First Grade!!!! - Update!!! All Interested in Homeschooling, Please Read!!!

Shayla, my baby, at age 7, recently finished Kindergarten in our homeschool. Although, we have done lots of literature based unit studies this summer, we have not yet broke open the official first grade learning curriculums that I have chosen for her.

For first grade we will be using:
  • Home Education Curriculum by Instructional Fair
  • Christian Learn-at-Home by Grace Publications
  • A Reason for Handwriting
  • A Beka Phonics and Reading
  • Monthly Idea Books by Teacher's Friend
  • Various CD's by Audio Memory (She learns easily by putting anything to music! She could recite all the states and capitals by three years old!)
  • Brownie Girl Scout Handbook
  • My friend gave me a science lesson years ago that I used when homeschooling Morgan the younger years. You make an outline of the child on felt, paper, or cardboard, then spend time decorating it and talking about how God made each person special and unique. Then you learn about each organ in the body and the child puts a laminated body part in their outline.
  • We will be using the computer more for learning games, as well as the internet for supplemental activities, and of course, lots of hands on fun!!
    As you can see, she is very proud of her diploma!

Total spent on curriculum this year is $20 for the Home Education Curriculum. I picked it up at a local homeschool supply store for half off! Not bad. The rest of the curriculum I had kept from homeschooling Morgan.

I was hoping to use the ABeka first grade curriculum, but it is way too advanced for Shayla. The gentleman at the Abeka show said their curricula is actually a year ahead of public school curricula, so, should I try the Abeka first grade next year for second grade?

Does anyone have any other suggestions for curriculum or teaching ideas for elementary grades? What works for you?

As a side note, I received an email warning Ohio homeschoolers that our laws are up for review. The message is clear, it's time for anyone currently or interested in homeschooling freedoms to stand up and take action! Please people, take the time! Others fought for our homeschooling freedoms and now they are in jeopardy!!!

There is an immediate and urgent need for everyone who cares about protecting the freedom to home educate in Ohio to log onto the web site of the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). The ODE is seeking feedback regarding our Home Education regulations. People who have any kind of interest in these regulations, including parents, home-educated adults, and even grandparents, are "stakeholders" and should use the link to post comments about these rules. The deadline is AUGUST 8.

Ohio's Home Education leaders have noted that the State Board of Education would like to enact revisions to our regulations. This can not be a good thing. After the ODE closes the window on public comment (August 8), they intend to prepare a summary of recommended changes for the State Board of Education. This presentation could take place as early as the September meeting. Check the http://ohiohsalert.org/ site frequently for updates.

The most important message the ODE needs to receive is very simple -- The state regulations have served us very well. There is no need to make any changes. This message needs to be expressed in your own words. This is your opportunity to speak up, but speak from your heart. Please do NOT copy and paste what anyone else has expressed. Thousands of people need to respond! Please spread the word by sending the http://ohiohsalert.org/ link to others!

Also, Ohio Home School list moderator (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/oh-homeschool), Paula Bolyard, has drafted a "Coalition of Ohio Home Educators Position Paper" which will be presented to the Ohio Department of Education as part of their Review process of our Home Education rules. I urge you to sign-on to this Position Paper as an ARCHE member. This position paper is now online at http://ohiohsalert.org/homeschool-leaders. Individuals as well as groups can register their support at the website. Deadline for this is JULY 31.

Follow this link to make your comments to the ODE:

More information is available here:

FYI, here is the page where the ODE describes Home Education:

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