Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fun With Felt

Today we got out an old favorite of ours, the felt board.

I made our felt board by stapling a piece of blue felt over an old corkboard bulletin board. You could use thick cardboard or just a large piece of felt (and roll up for easy storage).

First we read this book:

Then Shayla added the pieces of felt just like the story says. (I made our Big, Green Monster felt kit).
A better shot of Big, Green Monster!

Here is a felt scene we made. Some of the pieces I made (felt is very cheap, sometimes 10 cents a sheet.) I also bought some of the pieces in kits at the dollar tree ($1 each). We made several scenes and discussed what was happening in the scene. Good imagination and language skills.

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Here are some other resources for felt activities:
Have fun!