Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wall Pops! - Gotta love them!

Here's a frugal way of decorating a kids or teens room. We were able to add some color and fun to two rooms for around $40.

Well, you've probably been wondering what we've been up to, (besides mowing, homeschooling, spring cleaning - yeah, I'm still working on that, gardening, canning, oh, and did I mention mowing, lol).

Morgan wanted a room change. She wanted to put her bed headboard in her closet, repaint her room, yada, yada, yada.

She settled for these cute, decorating pieces by Wallpops. I bought them at Lowes with a coupon, of course. They are about $10/package of 4.

They are not like wallpaper. You don't have to cut & glue anything. Basically they are like the contact paper you can put on your cupboard shelves. The back is sticky, you just peel it off, place it on a CLEAN surface and VOILA. Instant pizzaz! The backs of the packages give you some picture examples of rooms you can create using wallpops, the website offers even more .

Here's Morgan's room:

As you can see, I used the full size squares in picture 1. I cut the squares into 4 smaller squares to create the decor in pics 2 and 3.
Cute, huh? Now if she would just clean the teen scene! I think she has given up on moving her bed in the closet! It means she would have to move, and clean hidden dustbunnies. She's not into that! Let's hope this phase passes quickly!

Morgan, being the loving, caring, sweet sister she is, gave the remaining wall pops to her little sister.

This is what we did to Shayla's room:

The last picture is a cute gumball dispenser that I found 2 of at Goodwill. Anyone who knows me, knows I love gumballs machines. Anyway, they go with the bold colors in Shayla's room!

I guess you can see that I have not yet did much spring cleaning in the girls' rooms!
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Calina said...

teenage daughter hacking in would think by now that she would learn to sign out every once in awhile so I didn't comment on things I'm unhappy with! lol...well, first off...when she did the first area (big squares) I helped, and was happy...well, that weekend, she CLEANED MY(!) room, and put up more of those squares...I didn't want more and I personally don't like it, but whatever makes her happy, ya know? well anyways, I didn't know she wanted to take pics or I woulda cleaned it, so don't let her make ya think that its always that dirty (plus she took it on a day when I went to dad's so it was very very dirty lol) well, anyways...don't be a Calina ok? lol =]
oh yah, if ya read this love ya mom. and I haven't given up on putting the bed in the's going in on christmas break when I get things figured out!!!
love to all,