Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Can you tell what Shayla's latest craze is? She's quackers about ducks! It started out with a little rubber duckie that was dressed as a cat that she got trick-or-treating last year. And it has turned into this!

These are clay ducks.
These are all rubber ducks. There's a police duck, a fire duck, a baby duck, and a princess, just to name a few.

We played a game, closing our eyes and pulling them out of the tub of water when the music stopped. We tried to guess which one we would pick. I know, it's cheesy, but it's just an excuse to play in the water.
Shayla wanted this game sooo badly. She hates the game because it makes noise, but loves to play with the ducks.
Here's the fleece blanket I made her for Christmas last year. It's ducky, too!

My oldest daughter was the same way with frogs. My middle daughter was all things, Polly Pocket, then My Little Pony, then Pokemon.

What kind of things are you or your kids into?

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