Thursday, July 3, 2008

More Economy News

In cleaning my emails lately I found this article on an alternative doctor site:

It's pretty scary stuff. Some of the things I never thought about was that oil is causing food shortages. Moving stuff, including food is costly. Also, the plastic packaging that most food comes in is made from oil products. Somewhere else on the site I read that in Australia they are paying $17/gallon for laundry soap. PTL for CVS!!!

In another article, the Dollar Stretcher reported that electric companies are going to hike their rates and that they will be asking for a rate increase of $110-$130 from each family, then another again in six months. Ouch! They are also expecting brown outs in electric from summer heat and electric usage.

I took economics in college (yes, I know it was years ago). I understand about inflation and supply vs. demand, but as a consumer, just how high can things possibly go?

What is your family changing or doing differently to combat the tough economy?

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