Monday, June 23, 2008

Oh, How I Love "The Other Store!"

First of all, let me explain, "The Other Store" is actually Goodwill. I used to be kinda snobbish in my pre-frugal days. I didn't want anyone to hear my kids say they got something at the Goodwill. So, after we finished grocery shopping, I'd ask my kids if they wanted to go the other store, (being that the Goodwill was the only other store in the shopping center).

With that being said, the name has stuck through the years.

My girls and I loaded up last week with some toys, books, and clothes (like we needed anything!) Even my teenage daughter that used to hate the other store, found almost a card full herself.

Check out these cool outfits I got for Shayla for $1.99 each piece. She's going to be stylin'!

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