Thursday, May 8, 2008


I have multiple allergies. That is an understatement. In fact, I am officially diagnosed with multiple chemical sensitivity. That's what my MD calls it.

I don't think people understand just how allergic my system is, even my husband and family.

Last week I picked up my new glasses. The ones I have been wanting for several months. They were cosmopolitan brand. They were sooo cute, red on top and rimless on the bottom. They were sooo cute, I wore them out shopping Friday and several hours on Saturday. I even went all out and bought the transitions lenses, so they change into sunglasses in the light. I wish I would have gotten a picture so you could agree with me about how cute they were.

By Saturday morning, my face was itching. A little later it was itching and burning. Still later, I looked like I had a major sunburn. It was itchy, red and inflammed from my nose down. One problem, I hadn't been in the sun Saturday!

After backtracking and careful consideration, I decided I hadn't eaten anything different, or done anything differently. The only thing different was my new glasses. So, thinking I was half crazy myself, I took the glasses off. Within an hour the itching had stopped. Allergic to glasses?!? Go figure!

Monday, I called the eye doctor and told them what happened. I don't think they believed me. I went in yesterday. The lady obviously didn't believe me. She asked me to put them on again. Immediately, my face did the same thing! Ok, now they believe me, but what to do?!? They called the manufacturer to find out what kind of metals are in the frames. The manufacturer can't seem to locate that information. Big surprise there!

My guess is there is a significant amount of lead in the frames. I had the same thing happen once when I was refinishing a piece of furniture that must have had lead-based paint on it.

The eye doctor told me to pick out a different pair of frames. She said to wear the frames around for several days with my contacts in, just to make sure there's no more allergic reaction.

And no, I did not take a picture of my hideous, swollen self.

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