Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More New Additions

Some of you already know, but Shayla's dear "Little Shayla" (the goat)died about a week or two after we got it. She was heartbroken. Her daddy offered to get her another one, but she said she wasn't ready for another goat, but she would like some baby chicks.

So...Guess What...We are now the proud owners of 5 chicks.

Shayla really "mother hens" the chicks. Forgive my silly joke. She learned all about the lifecycle of the egg by doing a paper model of various stages, we've read library books about chickens, now we're hands-on chicken farmers. We've learned some interesting things about chickens, too. For instance, did you know chickens see in color? Many animals, including dogs, only see in black and white. Can you tell I learn as much as Shayla?

Last year we bought 25 hens and 1 rooster and that sly, old fox stole them away, one at a time. This year we will keep them locked up better. Also, since there's only five, maybe the chicken tractor idea will work better. It didn't work with the large amount of chickens we had last year.

Another thing is this year we only bought hens. Every time we get chickens we end up with at least one mean rooster so that me and the girls are terrified to step foot outside or be chased by a rooster. I know the vicious things are only about 5-7 pounds, but have you ever seen the spurs on some of them. We butchered one rooster with spurs about 3 inches long. I've heard rumors that roosters have blinded little children with their spurs. I can believe it, let's just say they are mean!

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