Monday, March 3, 2008

Self Control

Ok, I'm a slow learner. I recently discovered that God expects us as Christians to have self control over all aspects of our lives. Whether it be with obvious things like remaining faithful to our spouses, drinking and drugs, but also with other things like the food choices we eat (and the amount!) the music we listen to, the tv, the amount of time we spend on the computer, the amount of time doing things outside of ministering to our family.

God calls us to be keepers of the home, if we are too busy doing "other things" to say, make a healthy meal, we have gotten our priorities wrong. It may happen occasionally, but we have to have self control.

So, you want to know what made me have this revelation? A simple children's song. Have you heard of Mary Rice Hopkins? If not, be sure to check her music out. (It's fun for the whole family.) Read the words of her song Gimme Self Control:

Gimme self control when
You know I need to know
When to stop and when to go

When I want to eat but my
Tummy's full then I get a
Chocolate cake I stuff it all in
then I feel like a fool and
Now I've got a tummy ache

How many times this has happened to me! Not necessarily with food. I think I know best instead of trusting in God.

BTW, be sure to check out Mary Rice Hopkins website. She has sample music, curriculum and other fun stuff. If she ever has a concert nearby, be sure not to miss it!

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