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4th grade week 10 – October 30, 2011


Bible/character: A Child’s Book of Character Building: Read and discuss Wisdom in the Bible pg 81

Complete About Fairy Tales Brighter Vision Learning Adventure book

Reading: Noah’s Ark by Linda Hayward. Write: What do you think it would be like on Noah’s Ark?

Activity: Make a list of farm animals. Draw a picture of your favorite one.

Math: Connecting Addition and Subtraction pgs 107-110

Teach counting pennies and dimes. Lay out one dime and one penny. Show how to count their value. Repeat activity using two or more dimes. Create cards with different amounts of money from 1-30 cents. Shayla is to make the amount written on each card as many different ways using pennies and dimes.

Complete Dime Climbs pg 228

Reading/language: Comparative Language. Use three identical drinking glasses and fill the first to where you would to drink it (about ½ inch from top). Fill second glass a little fuller, and the third to the brim. Write three sentences describing how full each glass is. Do not discourage creativity in expressing fullness.

How are people the same and different. Use –er and –est to compare.

Language: Sentence Building. Write a factual sentence. Add onto the sentence with a little more information. Add more sentences until she can think of no more. Complete Making Sentences pg 313

Language: Draw a picture of a big dog. Shayla writes about the dog in a sentence such as The dog is big. Shayla writes a sentence about the dog’s name, such as, The dog’s name is Toto. Teach how to join two sentences into one such as The dog is big and its name is Toto.

Write the following pairs of sentences and combine each pair into one sentence.

  • John has brown hair. John has green eyes.
  • We saw elephants at the zoo. We saw a baby monkey at the zoo.
  • Sarah went to Ricky’s birthday party. Tom went to Ricky’s birthday party.
  • My friend has a cat. My friend has a dog.
  • I eat with a fork. I eat with a spoon.
  • Dad needs a fork. Dad needs a basket.

Spelling: Complete Seeing Double pg 352. Pretest: ant, cost, desk, left, land, milk, wasp, pest. Scored 100% cancelled all other spelling activities for week.

Music:  Attended Morgan's band concert.  It was even more fun this time with Cassandra and Makayla.  Makayla LOVED the baton twirlers.

Seniors receiving awards


Family time visiting with Cassandra and Makayla.


Bible/character: A Child’s Book of Character Building: Read and discuss Wisdom at Home pg 83

Reading: Pickles in My Soup

Complete About the House Brighter Vision Learning book


Field Trip: US post office


Bible/character: A Child’s Book of Character Building: Read and discuss Wisdom at School pg 85

Read Aloud: Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf and finished The Dog Who Saved Christmas

Reading: The 18 Penny Goose Chapter 1

Complete Cars and Trains, Ships, and Planes Brighter Vision Learning Adventures book

Math: Use Objects pgs 111-114

Math: Test pg 115. Five and Ten Relationships pg 117-118

Math: Representing Numbers on a Ten-Frame pgs 119-122

Activity: Write 4 short I words. Draw a picture of each one.

Activity: Create a list of 5 animals that live in the zoo. Write them in ABC order.


Bible/character: A Child’s Book of Character Building: Read and discuss Wisdom at
Play pg 87

Reading: The 18 Penny Goose Chapter 2

Math: Recognizing Numbers on a Ten-Frame pg 123-126

Activity/math: Write 4 subtraction problems with answers of 4.

Math: Use a number line to teach counting pennies, nickels, and dimes. Create a number line 0-20 on a 4”x20” strip of paper. Draw a rabbit and set it on zero. Make the rabbit jump three times: first to 10, then to 15 and finally to 16. How far did the rabbit jump the first time? (10), the second (5), and the last (1). Write 10+5+1 and ask, “On what number did the rabbit land?” (16). Write =16. Put down a dime, nickel and a penny. Say the worth of each coin. Write 10+5+1 as Shayla names the value of each coin. Then Shayla counts 10,15,16 (cents) as you point to each coin. Repeat with other combinations of 3 coins.

Set out a dime, a nickel, and 2 pennies and Shayla counts change. Continue adding pennies to 20 cents.

Put down two dimes. Ask how much change is on table. Add a nickel. Ask how much now? Count it, touching each coin as she counts. Add pennies to reach 30 cents.

Reading/language: Fold a paper in thirds. Open and fold in half the other way. Write a comparing sentence in each box for Shayla to illustrate. Examples for 3 boxes: Maria made a big snowman. Forrest made a bigger snowman. Larissa made the biggest snowman.

Language: Look at the sentences written earlier in the week. Rewrite each sentence, changing word order, but maintaining the meaning. Example: The dog is big and named Toto can be rewritten as The big dog is named Toto.

Activity: Write the names of 5 people who help you.

Math: Choose one 25 cent item from store. Shayla shows several ways to make 25 cents. Introduce the quarter.

Hold up a quarter, discuss name of coin and value. Show it’s worth using only pennies. Then show it using just nickels, then nickels and dimes, and finally show using nickels, dimes, and pennies.

Show 25 cents using one coin, three coins, 4 coins, and more.

Fold a 9x12 piece of paper into six parts. Shayla writes 25 cents in the corner of each box. Next she places coins in a box equaling 25 cents. Shayla should draw around each coin with a pencil and write the value of each coin inside its outside. Repeat in the other five boxes, making each different arrangement of twenty-five cents.

Reading: Critical Thinking. Change one aspect of a familiar story and write how the story may have changed as a result. Examples: Cinderella never went to the ball; Red Riding Hood walked on city streets; or The Gingerbread Boy walked.  (Did verbally)

List three ways people are the same and three ways people are different. (Did verbally)

Complete Everyone is Welcome pg 280.

Language: Read the sentence parts. Write any word on the lines. Draw a picture of the last sentence.

I found my___.

I found my___ in the ____.

I found my___ ___ in the ____.

I found my ____ ___ in the ___ under the big ____.


Reading/language: Drawing Conclusions. Read the following example: Shandra wrapped the box in brightly colored paper. She placed the box under the tree in her living room. She told her brother he would have to wait 5 more days until he could open it. What conclusions can you draw from this passage? (It is Christmas and she has wrapped a present for her brother). Read and discuss Nate the Great in which a detective must draw conclusions from evidence.

Complete Reflect on the Riddles pg 279

Language: Add details. Write a simple sentence leaving out an adjective. Example: I see a ______dog. Fill in the missing word. Build the sentence by adding another detail, but leaving off a word for Shayla to fill in. Example: I see a brown dog running______. Continue building the sentence as in the following examples: I see a brown dog running fast on______. I see a brown dog running fast on the sidewalk after_______. Discuss how the sentence told more and more each time . Repeat this sentence building activity.

I see the ______ elephant.

I see the ____elephant eating.

I see the ____elephant eating_____as he stands by the ______.

I see the ____elephant eating_____as he stands by the ______ at the ______.

Shayla writes in missing words to develop a detailed sentence. Shayla draws a picture of the final sentence.

Math: Set up a “store” with items student may “purchase” to practice counting values. Leave original sales price on objects whenever possible. Keep values below 50 cents now.

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