Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Science Wonders Brownie Try-it


We read The Bubble Factory by Tomie dePaulo.  We discussed whether or not you could actually make different colored and shaped bubbles. 

 I was surprised Shayla wanted to make bubbles because we have done it often.  We made our own mixture using this recipe:

2 c. water
10 drops glycerine (can substitute corn syrup)
3 TBS dish soap

We tried using several different bubble wands and even making our own wands.  The result was always a round bubble.

*I did learn something interesting at the library this summer, you can touch a bubble and it will not break - if you have wet hands!

Homemade Recycled Paper.

Again, we have done this activity in the past, but it was encouraging to see Shayla participating more.  Like this time, she had no problem tearing the newspaper into pieces.

  • Tear one page of newspaper into small pieces.  Put the paper into a blender with water.  Let it sit for about an hour.
  • Blend until the paper becomes soft and mushy.  It is now known as pulp.
  • Mix 2 TBS starch (corn starch or liquid laundry starch works) in one cup water.  Add to the pulp and blend again.  The starch helps to make the paper pulp stronger (but it does work if you happen to forget this step :)
  • Spread towel and newspaper on table.
  • Line the bottom of a square pan with a piece of screen and pour the pulp over top of the screen.  Lift screen out and place on the towel and newspaper to dry.  Cover with other half of screen and additional newspapers and towels.  Roll a glass over top to squeeze out excess water. 
  • Let dry overnight.
Chemistry Magic. (Chemical Reactions)

We discussed chemical reactions (like baking soda and vinegar).  Then we tried this experiment.  I must admit, it worked some, but not like I had hoped. 

  • 5 TBS pure laundry soap.  I used Arm & Hammer Washing soda (maybe this was the wrong thing?)
  • 4 TBS salt.  I used sea salt.  Was it supposed to be Morton's?
  • 1 quart jar
  • large spoon for stirring
  • glass measuring cup
Put the laundry soap into one cup of water.  Stir until soap is dissolved.

In another cup add salt to one cup of water and stir until dissolved (as much as possible).

Pour the soap solution into jar, followed by the salt solution.  Mix well.

You should see the soap harden and turn into a ball right away.  If you let the mixture stand still for a few minutes, the soap will go the top and the bottom will stay clear.

We did not get a ball.  We got lots of tiny balls. 

Magnet Hunt.

I read Mickey's Magnet and we learned that magnets are made of iron and they only pull on objects made of iron or steel, not aluminum or other materials. 

  • We learned that you can make a magnet out of something by rubbing it onto a magnet.
  • We went around looking for objects that the magnets would stick onto. 
  • We spent some time playing with magnet boards and this cool magnetic toy.
Static Electricity.

Experiment 1:  Rub your hair with a balloon, then hold the balloon above head to see static electricity. 

Experiment 2:  Again, rub your hair with a balloon and try to stick to walls and different surfaces.  It may or may not stick, depending on how much static electricity there is.  We do not have carpet, so it did not work for us this time of year.

Experiment 3:  Rub two balloons on hair, then try to stick the two balloons together.  You should feel a slight friction between the two balloons.

Experiment 4:  And by far the best!  Discovering static electricity on the trampoline.  It never fails, it shocks us everytime.  And since Shayla brought this up, I thought it only fair she play on it.  LOL!

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