Friday, April 23, 2010

Eco-Explorer Brownie Badge

This badge is formerly known as the Outdoor Fun badge.

Trail Signs
Trail signs make shapes and tell you which way to go and other directions.  There were examples in the Brownie Scout Handbook. 

*This went along with the Hobo Signs we learned about in the Kit Kittridge American Girl book.

Shayla easily learned how to make the overhand knot. 

Ecology Hunt - Touch, Smell and Listen
Go on an outside nature hike and look for several different kinds of leaves, rocks, plants, insects, animals, etc.  Keep some for a collage or collection, draw what else you see, or photograph it.

Try to involve all of your senses when looking for things.

Some ideas are:

Touch something rough, smooth, soft, hard, wet, dry, bumpy, squishy, etc.

Smell something sweet, sour, flowery, bad, fruity, pine, mint

Listen to birds chirping, animals moving, wind blowing tree leaves, etc

Take rubbings of some of the things you find in nature, such as tree bark, flowers, and leaves.

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