Saturday, February 27, 2010

Me and My Shadow Brownie Badge

I allowed Shayla the opportunity to choose which badge we would work on next.  She chose this one.  Although, I probably would have liked to have done it in the spring (because of planning more activities), it'll be fun, nonetheless.

We started by reading a good book about shadows:
Making Shadow Bags
We just took brown paper lunchbags.  Traced a Christmas cookie cutter on top.  Then cut the shape out.  Tape colored plastic wrap behind the opening.  This would make a pretty gift bag or luminary (I would definately use the fake candles!)

Tracing Your Shadow
If it's nice outside, you can use a piece of chalk to trace your shadow on a piece of blacktop or concrete. 
Since we did this activity in the middle of winter, I hung a large piece of paper on the wall.  Next position a lamp so it shines directly on the wall.  Trace shape with a marker.
We cut out the shadow person.  Shayla was surprised to see how big hers was! 

Making Shadow/Light PlaquesThis was fun, but not really an age appropriate activity, IMHO. 
First off, make sure you have a thick pile of newspaper on your table or floor where you will be working :)
We traced a Christmas tree cookie cutter onto an aluminum pie pan.  Then take a hammer and pound holes in the pie pan around the shape. 

Shine a light through the pie pan in a dark room. 
Keeping Shadows
We were supposed to take pictures of interesting shadows of things that are outside.  For greater contrast, use black and white prints.  Make a visual display. 
Buy some light-sensitive paper (or you can use newspaper) and  put an object on the shiny side in bright sunlight.   After a few minutes, (approx half-hour w/newspaper) you should be able to see a shadow image.
But. . .
Since we have had a loooong winter and haven't seen the sun in who knows how long.  This was a difficult activity to do. 
We looked through a photo book and found some pictures of Shayla playing outside and discussed the interesting shadows on those photos.
Shadow Box.
 We used Shayla's wooden puppet theater as an alternate.  No wooden puppet theater, make a shadow box using a shoebox and tell a story. 

Doing a Shadow Play
Shayla was watching an old Bear in the Big Blue House video.  Remember the character "Shadow?"  She had many questions about Shadow.  So we made our own shadow play and taped it for her to watch!
First, make the shadow theater using a plain colored sheet and a lamp with a bright bulb.  Hang the sheet somehow.  We tacked ours up.  Then make sure the lamp is on the side with the "performers." 
Act out a favorite fairy tale, book, or make up your own play!

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