Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Coupon Shoppers Can Help Haiti Earthquake Victims

If you have been wanting to help the victims of the recent earthquakes in Haiti and you are an avid coupon shopper with extra supplies, here's an opportunity for you to help.

Haitian Christian Outreach is is sending food, water, and over-the-counter medical supplies to Haiti.  For a complete list of needed items go here.   (Our church regularly supports this as a mission, so it is legitimate!)

After going through our stash, I found many unopened bottles of aspirin, cough drops, and other needed items.  All purchased for free or pennies on the dollar thanks to coupon shopping.

Best of all, I didn't even need to pay postage to ship these items.  Many churches that support Haiti missions are serving as drop-off donation locations.  Here's a list for Illinois, Missouri, Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.

If you are in another area, and would like to find out how to donate, contact Todd Beavers at 217-586-5310 or

Have you found any ways to donate?

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