Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Ultimate Gift

I have been enjoying our family's subscription to Netflix.  You can find about any movie made on there.  I tested it before I bought a subscription. :) 

I went through CBD catalog and made a wish list.  You know I marked all the movies I would love to see, but I can't see spending the money on.  Netflix had almost every movie I tried.

My MIL and I loved this movie!  I was about a young man that was headed down the wrong road in life.  He came from a wealthy family and was very spoiled. 

His grandfather, played by James Gardner,  had recently died.  At the reading of the will, his family members were disappointed to say the least.  But the grandfather had something special in mind for this young man. 

He (the grandfather) did not leave the grandson anything specific in the will.  Instead, he made a series of videos for him to watch and complete a task before he could go on.  From these tasks he learned:
  • the value of a dollar
  • the value of hard work
  • the value of friendship
  • the value of love and family
The Ultimate Gift is a great family movie and there is much that can be discussed and learned for all ages.

Have you seen any good movies lately?  Please share.

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