Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Brain Balancing Program - Part 1

Shayla's counselor is a wonderful Christian lady. She has never suggested meds for Shayla. She also realizes that Shayla is going to be a tough nut to crack. So she prays for wisdom to help her. We definately need that! She shared with us that many times God will give her a book before she knows who to use it for. That was the case with us. Thank you, DeeDee!

The second session with her, she told me about a book she has been skimming through called Disconnected Kids. She told me to read it and tell me what I thought.
Wow! That little book may change our lives!
Disconnected Kids is written by Robert Melillo, a world renowned chiropractor and child neurologist. He believes that children with autism, ADHD, selective mutism, OCD, and a whole host of other things can be fixed by balancing the brain.
I was skeptical. I have read more on many medical topics than most physicians. But this book was different. There were many physical and behavior checklists, then there were ways of testing your child. In each category, Shayla was shown to have a significant left brain deficiency. This totally makes sense to me! She overhears in her RIGHT ear and her left eye gets droopy when she's fatigued from reading or other things.
Dr. Mellilo says there could be positive changes in behavior within 3 months. However, after testing Shayla, I found that she was Level 1 in most areas, at best Level 2. Not one area did she score a Level 3, the highest functioning.
At about this same time, I have been reading about the Nature Deficient problem that is going on with our youth, particuarly boys, but some girls (like mine). Kids are simply not getting enough time outdoors. They need vitamin D from the sunshine. There are electromagnetic fields that come from the ground and give the child a better feeling of spatial awareness. These kids need to build muscles to be able to function. To be able to sit in a chair, use a pencil, track words with their eyes. Not to mention, the benefits of learning about why the leaves change color, what type of tree the leaf falls from, what kind of bug is this, etc. etc. etc. It has been suggested that children need two hours a day of outside time. I wish I would have read this book in the spring. LOL!
Everyday we have been incorporating some of the exercises in this book everyday before we begin our sit down homeschooling (reading & writing). It does take a serious time commitment. I am committed to doing these exercises with her daily. Some days I feel like we are falling further and further behind in our curriculum. Which we are, but the results have been worth it for us.
Basically, I have been using the ideas in the book, as well as some ideas I got from our preschool teacher friend and OT/PT. We have also begun taking her to weekly chiropractic session.
Two weeks into the exercise program and one chiropractic fix later and we are already seeing good results! We have noticed an increase of her self-confidence, more facial expression and she is again speaking and feeling comfortable in our car when we are out on the road.
I will talk more about the specific exercises we do in the next part.


Anonymous said...

You are comfortable with a chiropractor providing neurological advice for your child?

Calina said...

Personally, we do what works for us. Labels don't mean much to us (in children or physicians) We have already been every route possible - from regular medical doctors and environmental allergists, to chiropractic, counseling, etc. And yes, a neurologist was included in the mix. I'm not saying avoid a neurologist, I believe doctors diagnostic tools are great. You wouldn't want a life-threatening problem to go untreated.

I have had a great experience with chiropractic. Some people may not have the same experiences. I prefer holistic chiropractic - because at least that avenue gives me hope at making my daughter be the best she can be through nutrition, exercise, and spinal manipulations. Not just giving a label and saying these behaviors are genetic or whatever.

The book I am referring to is written by a CHIROPRACTOR AND A CHILD NEUROLOGIST. Much of the book is simply occupational therapy for low muscle tone.

We have been following a program for about 3 weeks now and have seen noticeable improvement in my daughter in several areas.

That is what is important to me - results - not the title of someone who provides the advice.