Friday, October 30, 2009

Manners Brownie Scout Badge

We're learning about manners, just in time!

We started off by watching several videos about manners. Barney Good Manners and It's Just Good Manners.

Table Manners. How simple is that? Just model and talk about good manners at the table. Although we try to eat dinner all together (most of the time) and it is sitting down at the table, (yeah, we're weird like that), we are not really formal though.

I helped Shayla set the table appropriately and discussed where each went. She wanted to know when it was appropriate to eat with your fingers. LOL!

Then we just ate dinner and talked about manners. The basics - napkin in lap, chew with your mouth closed, don't talk with your mouth full, eat a bite of everything. I caught myself more than once with my elbows on the table. Woops!

Another activity to try is to learn about mealtime and manners from different cultures. We did this when studying several countries, so we're not doing it now.

Happy Helper

Shayla had to pick a job to do for someone else, each day for a week. She chose to help out with laundry. Each day she sorted, helped load it into the washer, helped hang it, fold, and put away. She had a cheerful heart about it, but I noticed that she hasn't helped out again since her week was up! LOL!

Respect for Others

Respect is the theme for children's church this month. She has been singing all the little songs about respect. Although it was covered at church, we talked about ways of showing respect.

We also read several library books about respect.

Phone Fun

This was too much fun. We used play cell phones to act out different phone scenarios. She would talk into the play ones, but when I tried to use the real one, whoa, that's another story!

Meeting People

We acted out different social situations. How you would greet and introduce others. We also talked about hellos and greetings from other cultures.


We hosted a party for Shayla's dolls. She practiced being a good hostess and a guest.

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