Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Homeschool Highlights - week of Oct 12, 2009

Slacker Mom Week!

We spent a lot of time curled up on the couch reading. This is something we both enjoy.

I've also changed my approach to reading. Shayla has been reading for over a year now. But only her readers. When she looked at one of her many picture books, she made up a story and did not even look at the words, much less sound them out.

Recently, she has been saying, I want to learn to read! What? You are reading. So, in addition to the readers, she has been reading an easy reader book from her own collection or the library. She now understands that she can read ALL BOOKS, not just her readers. LOL!

Reading/Phonics: Shayla has been working on the long e sound this week. She read Speeding Seal.

Science/Phys Ed: We finished the My Body badge requirements. This is the 23rd Brownie badge she has earned!

We also talked about similarities and differences. I read the book, God Made Me Special. We sat facing each other and noted similarities and differences. Then Shayla painted a picture of me and a picture of herself. (art)

Social Skills: Character Trait. Although we've done several characters I don't think I've posted this before. We made a Beary Be Good Bear. When we learn a character trait, Shayla writes it and we paperclip it to Beary Be Good Bear's belly. Then we do something fun to teach the lesson.

Aa is for attentiveness. I couldn't find a story to go with attentiveness, but it's definately an issue in our house, so we couldn't forget about it. I explained the meaning of attentiveness and put on a silly play using several of her little people. It must have drove the point home, because afterward she was acting out her own silly play about being attentive.

Science: Last week's nature program was about life cycles. We did not attend this week because the weather was just plain, nasty!

Shayla's newest obsession is puppets. She wants to know everything about all the different kinds of puppets. We are going to start working on our puppet badge.

We got on You Tube and watched numerous videos about making puppets and marionette puppets.

Then we looked at The Muppets Make Puppets book. This book has awesome puppets in it! It looks like fun!

Thursday and Friday: Substitute day! Remember the fun of having a substitute teacher in school. I have been overwhelmed by my responsibilities lately. In addition, sometimes Shayla's learning differences start to wear me down. My husband decided to play school with Shayla.

The first day, she was an angel. Her reading and handwriting was perfect, her behavior - perfect. By Friday, my husband was starting to see what I am up against. She was almost back to her normal self.

Anyway, it was a good experience for us all. I got some things done that I needed to get done. Shayla and dad got to spend some time together, the schoolwork got done. It was a win-win.

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Dee Yoder said...

I absolutely LOVE the idea of "substitute day"! I think I may have to implement that plan in my own house soon. (;

I so enjoy reading your blog--I just wish I had time to get over here and read it more often. Anyway, I'm always blessed when I get the chance!