Monday, August 31, 2009

Q is for Queen

We chose to do the Queen of Sheba, but you could read about the story of Queen Esther.

Memory Verse: Jesus said, "Behold, I Come Quickly." Revelation 22:7

Reading: Read the story of the Queen of Sheba in 1 Kings.

Listen to the "QU Song" by They Might be Giants.

Q is for Quilts. Research different quilt patterns. Look online, in library books, or a local museum. We had several at our home that we looked at. Discuss the time era when it was made, what design it is. Talk about what kind of person made the quilt. Why do you think they chose this pattern or colors?

If you are really talented, you could make a quilt with your child.

Plan B: Make a quilt square from colored construction paper.

Or Plan C: (We chose this one). Go here and chose a printable quilt design color sheet, enlarge the square and print it off. Then color it. We read The Keeping Quilt by Patricia Polacco. (reading, art, social studies)

Q is for Quarters. We practiced identifying quarters from other coins and counting by 25's (to $10). We talked about what was on the original quarter and some of the state quarters. We played several rounds of guessing heads or tails. *BTW: I think my child is part psychic. She got 8 of the 10 times right. We looked at an original quarter and several state quarters and we made rubbings of some of the quarters. (fine motor, math, art)

Q is for Queens. Study some of the famous queens of all time. Which country did they rule over? (social studies) I wasn't able to find anything really age appropriate. Later we will read the Dear America: Royal Diaries series. (They are historical fiction books about Cleopatra and other royalties throughout history).

You could also make a crown and have your child be queen for the day! (art, imagination)

Q is for Quill pens. Explain that there was a time before pens and school supplies. Discuss what people used instead. Ok, we had to improvise a little here. We used feathers from the dollar store and dipped them in ink to write with. I used ink from an inkjet refill kit that I had on hand.(writing, social studies)

Q is for Quail. Read Exodus 16:13 and Numbers 11:31. Then research the quail bird. Kidzone has a cool quail coloring page. You could even try eating some quail eggs! (science)

Q is for Quarter Pounder With Cheese. It's dinner time. I'm thinking FOOD! That would be a good snack, or you could quarter up a cookie, apple or other food. That would be some more math, fractions.

Q is for Quarantine. I so did not plan this one! We could have skipped this activity. Morgan came down with a 103 degree fever. No other symptoms, so I quarantined her to her room! We did have fun coloring her pictures and making her a get well card, though.

Dltk has a treasure trove of Q activities.


Beth said...

Great activities. Who knew there were so many Q things to do?!
Hope the quarantine is over soon.=)

Calina said...

Thankfully the quarantine is over. It was just a 24 hour thing I guess. PTL!

Robin @ Heart of Wisdom said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog post about yeast and fungi. You are right-- no one wants to listen.

I can't believe how great I feel and how much energy I have. It was a direct answer to prayer that I learn I needed to change my diet to God's way to fight the junk in my digestive system.

I hope to write about my progress soon -- I didn't listen either- until I was facing death.