Thursday, June 11, 2009

Laundry - part 2

I recently shared in an article how I like to do laundry. What? Is this woman out of her mind?!? I told you all I would explain more later. How could anyone like doing this chore - especially someone who is toting all that laundry outside and hanging it up to dry.
Let me explain, first off, I love standing in the sunshine. I love that my daughter's often come out while I am hanging to talk to me. They hand me clothes and/or pins. When my youngest daughter was small, she would hand me clothes and we would decide who's clothes were who's. We made it a game. We talked about colors and counted socks or whatever.
I also like to pray for the people who's clothes I'm hanging.
Lord, thank you for this day, thank you for the sunshine so I can stretch my husband's dollar by hanging clothes to dry. Thank you for my husband and his shirt, it's a work shirt, so it means he has a job. Thank you for Shayla's play clothes, that means that she is now over her sensory problems and can enjoy playing in the dirt and sand. Thank you for these dishtowels, that I had dishes to clean from food being eaten.
You get the idea. It's all in the attitude!

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