Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Congratulations, Shayla, for Hiding the Word in Your Heart!

Last year during one of my couch moments, we discovered a cute kids program on the Christian Network Channel. It is called Star Family Singers. They have a program where kids earn badges for memorizing and writing out 10 verses of scriptures.

Shayla loves the idea of earning badges, so much that she doesn't even mind the work of writing out these verses.

Quickly, I replaced our formal handwriting curriculum with this, (which she actually enjoys doing).

No more tears over handwriting!

Shayla finished badge 2 at the end of May. We mailed off the verses. She has been eagerly awaiting her package. She was very excited when she received her awards last week. Here's what she received:

1 Jonah beanie baby bear

1 color book

1 music cd

1 DVD of their show

and badge 2 (on the beanie baby)

Did I mention it is free to join this club? It is appreciated if you can send a donation to cover shipping and handling, but it is not required.

If you are interested, go to Heart Club. There you can watch several of the shows, print color pages, and learn how you can join the badge club.

The Heart Club makes handwriting work for us (even through the summer). For more ideas that work, visit We are THAT Family.

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