Friday, May 1, 2009

Teen Drivers

So, today is May 1. My middle daughter, Morgan age 15 and one half - exactly (in two days). Is driving me up the walls.

About what?

I told you.


In Ohio, teenagers are eligible to get their temporary driver's permit on the day they turn 15-1/2.

Hello! Obviously the people making these laws don't have kids!

My child can't even remember to do her chores from beginning to end without multiple reminders. I'm not giving her a large list either. No more than 30 minutes to an hour worth.

How is she going to pay for a car and license and insurance? Oh, she's going to get a JOB!

Yeah right!

This is the same girl that has to come home and take a daily nap afterschool. She can't seem to remember to complete all of her chores.

Not to mention the fact that this area is really hard hit by the economy. The unemployment rate here is around 15%. Higher than the national average. Teens are having a hard time getting a job at the local Krogers or McDonalds because the adults are taking the low paying jobs.

Here's her responsibilities:

Feed and water the dogs.

Unload the dishwasher, with the exception of silverware (because that's Shayla's job).

Reload the dirty dishes that have accumulated because the dishwasher was full (otherwise, we are all responsible for our own dishes).

Hand wash and put away the large dishes (pots and pans). We don't put these in the dishwasher, because if we did, the dishwasher would run 24/7.

Don't forget to wipe the counters and table and clean the dog food and compost trays.

Oh, and put away your own clothes, which more often than not, Mom has already folded or put onto a hanger.

Make her bed and keep her room tidy.

Yeah, I'm a strict Mom. Right! I know there are two-year olds in some families doing these things.

So my child can't remember to do these things, but now that she's the magic age, I'm supposed to be overjoyed that she is going to be operating a 2 ton vehicle at high speeds.


I guess it's a rite of passage and I need to let go of my baby a little bit. Eighteen years isn't very long to try to do a good job of preparing these kids for the future.

Yes, I'm feeling very old today as I reflect on this. Oh, and did I mention, my BABY will be eight years old this month.

Words of encouragement and/or advise would be appreciated here.

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