Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Noteworthy First Try

We have been trying to get my youngest daughter, Shayla, age 7, to try new things. She is very hesitant to do anything outside of her normal things. So, my New Year's Resolution was to work on her this year. My goal was to make her try something new each day. Then I write it down in a little pink notebook, now known as THE GREAT BIG BOOK OF EVERYTHING. Then at night, as part of the bedtime routine, we review all the big, new things she has tried.

Several weeks ago, we went to the library and Shayla got her very first library card.
To get the library card, you must go upstairs to the adult floor (which has always intimidated her. Probably because it's so big and quiet). And you have to write your own name on the back of the card. She is just now feeling confident enough to write her name when we attend outings.
So, she did it! Look how proud she is! I'm proud of her, too!

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