Thursday, May 14, 2009

Homeschool Highlights - Week of May 10, 2009

Days 169 - 174

Sunday: Crocodile Dock Children's Church. This week was games! Shayla is not much of a team player, but we did get involved (be it unwilllingly)in the crocodile catch game!

As you can see, Shayla received her official Crocodile Dock t-shirt. She is very pleased with it.

Each team got a sheet (which was the crocodile). They caught their prey and then they joined the crocodile.

Shayla enjoyed being "caught."

Next they did the shoe game. They put on huge shoes and raced around in them.

I have been spring cleaning and clearing out some stuff I have bought or used in the past for homeschooling. I found some cool activities to do. They are packets called The Scribbler's Learn With Me Club. I bought them years ago at a yard sale, they got put away and never used. Well, I came across them this week and what fun we've had doing them! I think they were designed for preschool, but my first grader loves them.

Don't you just love finding something that you forgot you have and it's a hit in your house!?!

Reading: Finished reading Wet Legs 4x's. She read through all the books as a review and started on her new book Crab Traps. These are part of the Animal Antics series.

We are still reading the American Girl series, Kit and Welcome to Kit's World aloud. We have also supplemented with numerous library books - mostly Berenstain Bears this week.

Writing: We finished up Psalm 1 and have started work on Titus 3. We will be sending off for Badge 2 the end of next week. I can't believe how these badges motivate her! She used to dread handwriting time!

Math: Reviewed addition. Introduced 3 corner flashcards. Logical order. Commutative property. She had a hard time grasping this concept on paper, even with the shapes drawn on it. If 2+5=7, then 5+2=7. It could be that she was just distracted because she seemed to get it the other day. Still practicing number formation. She can now draw a 2 and 3 independently, but consistently backwards!
Language: Rhyming Words (review). We read Sheep in a Jeep and many other sheep tales by Nancy Shaw. We discussed all the rhyming words. We discussed how sometimes rhyming words don't have the same spelling, but do have the same sound.

We also spent some time reading Nursery Rhymes out of her Childcraft encyclopedia. She has loved this book since a baby because of the nursery rhymes and beautiful illustrations, so it was a treat for her.

Spelling: Long e words. We did the exercises for long e - Pete's Sheep at starfall.

Spelling is becoming a challenge to Shayla since we started doing the long vowel sound words. She spelled with ease when it was the short vowel sound (3 letter words). With only a few days left, (officially)I think I'll just ease off spelling until next fall.

Social Studies: Still working on our people of the world. We are still learning about the United States. She learned about the flag, cowboys, New York, the Statue of Liberty, Washington DC, the White House and the Capitol Building this week. I am tying this into the People of the World Brownie scout badge.

Science: We finished up the Earth is Our Home and Senses brownie badges. Check out these posts for some great hands-on science ideas!

Wee Discover Outdoor School at the park: Theme this week: Turtles.
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Nekey said...

YAY! So glad she got her shirt. I just LOVE starfall.. although we haven't done anything structured with it.

Erica said...

OH those pictures look like so much fun!