Monday, April 27, 2009

A Shopper in Training

Several years ago, we got "radical" and "with gazelle intensity" with our debts. We were able to pay off all of our debt with the exception to our mortgage (which we are working on).

For awhile we bought nothing, absolutely nothing we didn't need. Over a year of the bear necessities.

Now that we are out of debt, we are coming out of this thinking a little bit. I

It started with CVSing, then it carried over with couponing at several grocery stores each week, now it has affected all of my purchasing - from home improvement stores to clothing, to online purchases.

I discuss these ways of saving with my two daughters (ages 15 and 7). Morgan (15) has accompanied me to the store many times.

I never realized how much she was picking up til this weekend.

The Girl Scouts have a night annually that the girls can stay the night at a local shopping mall. There is karaoke, carnival games, a craft area, food, and best of all, many of the retailers stay open till the wee hours of the morning. They allow the girls to be kids. They touch and try on many things that the stores would not normally appreciate.

Morgan was the oldest girl from our troop to go. She hung out with a group of girls and "mother-henned" them all night. She taught them how to make their money stretch as far as possible by using sales, shopping in the children's department first, before the juniors department, and telling them when something was just too expensive.

I was so proud of her! How much she has picked up!

This was her best purchase for the night:

She snagged this beautiful dress for next year's fall homecoming dance, at Sears for only $10.66 - including tax! Isn't that awesome.
Talking is so important for teens, they are listening even when they act like they aren't. They are also watching everything you do, so be a good example.

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