Thursday, April 30, 2009


As I promised, I'm going to list several of the little endeavors I do to make a little money for extras for our family.

Right now, we are blessed to be able to apply the extra cash onto the principal of our mortgage.

The first online survey company I ever signed up for was memolink. Unfortunately, I don't get chosen for many of the surveys because of where we live, my age, and the industry my husband works in, but you still get a few points daily for the survey screenings.

I go to their site daily and click on the site of the day. That's 3 points. Then onto check my local weather. That's one point. Next, it's a trivia question. If you win, you get 5 points. Then I do all the daily surveys.

As with many programs, you can also earn points from purchasing at many retailers.

If you obtain memogold status from doing many surveys and buying, you get more points for doing these same things.

It takes me about 10-15 minutes a day. There are many rewards in the form of gift cards at many retailers, but there is also the cash option.

I personally have received several gift cards and last week a check for cash. The time it takes them to send out the rewards is very prompt. About a week.

If you are interested in memolink, would you please leave a comment with your name and email, so I get points for your referral?

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