Friday, April 24, 2009

Meet Duke - Frugal Friday

Another addition to the family? NO! Shayla affectionately named our wood stove "Duke." Silly girl.

Anyway, our family loves Duke for many reasons. He is a definate multi-tasker. Not only does he lower our electric bill by being a cheap heat source, but he has many other uses.

I also use him to dry my laundry on days that aren't fit for hanging it outside. I have a metal rack and my hubby hung an old shower curtain rod across the doorway to hang clothes on hangers.

Ugly? Yes, definately! But the difference in our electric bill is worth it. Especially if I hang them before bed, they are dry by morning and can be put away.

As you can see in the picture, I also use the top of old Duke. I cooked our dinner of chicken rice, crockpot baked potatoes, and soup. I also put kettles of maple sap ontop and cook down to maple syrup or sugar. As you know the real, organic stuff is expensive. Very frugal and easy to do your own.

When our family has the sniffles, I put a pot of water with tea tree oil in it. This helps relieve the sinuses. I have used other essential oils or apple peels with cinnamon in the pot for a safe, pleasant aroma.

Sometimes being frugal means thinking outside the box? What are some of your frugal ways?

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