Sunday, March 1, 2009

Songs for Teaching Writing

I'm totally convinced that Shayla could learn anything if it were put to music. She memorized all the states and capitals at 2 years old from songs.

Now she's struggling with letter and number formations. She just doesn't remember how to write it. She can traced a dotted letter/number with no problems. She starts at the right place, stops at the right place, but can not do many of the numbers and some letters independently.

Does anyone know of any songs or rhymes to teach proper letter/number formations?

She is also struggling with learning her addition tables. Are there any addition table songs that you know of?


Calina said...

I did search online and found there are several Dr. Jean songs. We have one of her CD's with the Numeral Song on it. I also found these poems for numbers.

I would still be interested if anyone knows of websites or even curriculum/products to buy.

Stacy said...

All I can think of are the Twin Sister Production cds, but I don't think they'd help at all with formation.