Friday, March 6, 2009

Saving Money on Homeschool Curriculum

I did this money saving method a lifetime ago, way back in 1998, when I homeschooled my middle daughter.

Back then there weren't nearly as many curriculum choices, but there were teacher stores with consumable workbooks and books telling how to play games in your curriculum, educational games (like Boggle Jr. for reading/phonics, candyland, chutes & ladders, and lots of games made up using cards and dice). We used computer games, like the jump start series or reader rabbit.

The internet is a hugely, unexplored treasure trove.

For kindergarten, I bought the Abeka first grade curriculum. One day we did the curriculum, and the next day, we played learning games, wrote Bible verses for handwriting, read library books for reading, etc. Even playing with playdough or taking more time to do a science experiment was considered schoolwork. It also allowed us more time to go to the local YMCA for homeschool gym and swim classes, and the state park for Outdoor School, or plenty of other field trips.

Don't buy more than you need! In the early grades there is much repetition, so although the Abeka was pricey, we were able to make use of the curriculum for two years! And believe it or not, I hoped we would have more children, (and we did 7 years later!) I saved that curriculum and am doing the same thing with my youngest daughter! Well worth the investment!

What are you doing to save money in your homeschool? Please share!

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faraboverubies said...

Great ideas! I don't have children of my own, but my nephews and nieces are homeschooled. Thanks!

Amy said...

Hi! Found you through Frugal Friday...
I'm not sure if this is a money saver or a money spender... lol... I shop ebay a lot for homeschool books and curriculum. By knowing far in advance what I plan to use next I have been able to get some good deals. The catch is to be selective and not buy everything that looks good or even everything that is a deal. :)

BarbaraLee said...

I use our history together MOH. But I do look for used stuff on line if I can.
Science, art & music I include in our daily lives.